2019 Monaco Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton Monaco Grand Prix 2019


So, congratulations Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes to an amazing race!

And RIP Niki Lauda, what an extraordinary driver and man!
I remember getting all teared up watching mr Laudas acceptance speech at the Laureus Awards in 2016.

Gosh, I would have loved to be there in Monaco last week - my family and me always visits the french Riviera, especially Saint Tropez and Saint Jean Cap-de-Ferrat this time of the year, but not this year since it's a lot going on in everyone's life at the moment.

I really don't have so much knowledge about cars, I can change tyres in high heels in the middle of the winter in Sweden (yeah, that must have been a weird sight for everyone) on the high way without a problem and in a heartbeat, and I must say that I know how to drive and maneuver a car. But that's about it. But I really loves cars :)

So for next year, I think I'll definitely be at the Monaco Grand Prix

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