A day at the beach in Martil

At the beach


It's a lovely day to be at the beach! The beaches in the north of Morocco is absolutely astonishing! They are miles wide long, and in the winter months they are practically empty. In a few days they will be crowded, and with crowded means laying there like a sardine with one million other sardines. But I have a few locations where it's usually not that crowded. It's quiet near a certain Hermès executive's residence.

Fishing at the beach

These photos are from plage Martil with its Mediterranean sea, northwest of Tanger.
In a survey made not long ago, the Moroccans answered that Martil is their favorite summer vacation place to go to. I would compare Martil to Sweden's BΓ₯stad,Β Gotland orΒ VΓ€stkusten
I prefer Martil during the winter months, when it's not so crowded

According to the surveys 36 percent of respondents expressed a desire to buy a holiday house in Martil. A large proportion of the surveyed (32 percent) opted for the outskirts of Rabat as the place of acquisition of their holiday home. The administrative capital is followed by Marrakech, taking 22 percent of summer homes, Agadir with 20 percent, Tangier with 12 percent and the Casablanca suburbs with 8 percent.

In terms of budget, 60 percent of respondents say they invest between 400,000 and MAD 800,000 for the acquisition of a second home, while 44 percent have a budget of 200,000 to MAD 400,000, and 6 percent of the respondents foresee a budget of more than MAD 2 million. Those buying homes are most likely to purchase an apartment, followed by traditional houses, empty land, and villas.


At the beach

During the summer months, July and August, the prices to rent accommodation starts from 1000-1500 MAD and up.. One of the most expensive penthouses I've seen costs 84,000 MAD July and August.

Have you been in Martil? How was your experience of the city? Would love to know. If you haven't been here, I can strongly recommend you to visit!

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