A trip to the capital of Morocco – Rabat

Viktoria in front of the Hassan Tower Rabat Morocco


During my year here in Morocco I've been to Rabat a few times on meetings. Rabat is the capital of Morocco and it's quiet interesting to visit the cities here, because from my opinion every city has its own touch.

It's so clean and tidy in Rabat, and the presence of the military and police is quiet obvious since there is a lot of ministers and other high-ranking people working and living in Rabat.


Inside the mausoleum


Since I really like cultural life I just had to visit two of Moroccos most mystical places: one is an incomplete project of majestic proportions and the other stands as a masterpiece of modern Moroccan architecture, holding inside the grand tombs of past kings. Wander through the ruins of columns and enter the ornamental grandeur that is the exquisite mausoleum to discover a part of Moroccan history that will forever remain incomplete.


Remnants of the wall at Hassan Tower


The construction began year 1195 but was put to halt 1199 due to the sudden death of the great Sultan Yacoub al Mansour and the construction was never picked up thereafter.
Just across these unfinished ruins stands the striking Mausoleum of Mohammed V. Built in the 1950's and inaugurated six years after the death of Mohammed V in 1961, the structure is considered today a masterpiece of modern Alouite dynasty architecture. Its seemingly plain exterior of white walls and typical green-tiled roof contrasts deeply with the elaborately ornamented interior. Morocco’s exquisite traditional craftsmanship is one of the main features guarded within the walls of the mausoleum, with magnificent zellij mosaics rising from marble floors to a ceiling of hand-carved cedar wood and gold leaf.
Absolutely astonishing and if you ever plan to visit Rabat, I can strongly recommend you to visit this site, whether you're a Christian as me or whichever religion you might belong to due to the fact that the site is absolutely breathtaking.

It is also listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and got its World Heritage Status in 2012.


The tomb of the king

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