Alhambra, Granada Spain

Side View Alhambra San Nicolas side



A couple of days ago I was scrolling through my 17.000 photos in my camera roll and I saw these photos I took during a trip to Granada, Spain. It's such a beautiful city, so green, so cold winds in the middle of the summer due to the mountains but at the same time so warm! During the winter the temperature can reach below -5 Celsius!


River of Gold Rio Darro


There's a river running through the city, called Hadarro / RΓ­o Darro, and it's spectacular and beautiful. The Romans used to call it the River of Gold - aurus, because of the panners who, until recent times, made their meager living searching for the precious mineral in its bed.

I strongly recommend you, if you visit, to walk along the river's right bank, from Plaza Nueva to Paseo de los Tristes - known as the Carrera del Darro - because it's graced by the picturesque ruins of a Moorish bridge, a Moorish bath, two stone footbridges, two convents and a church, as well as several palaces - all in the shadow of the Alhambra's mighty towers.


Backside Alhambra

There's a plaza at the end of the Carrera del Darro and there it is a superb restaurant. High class service and excellent food, unfortunately I cannot remember the name of this restaurant, but the bar inside is amazing and you'll get a feeling of being in NYC for a while. If you sit on the outside, you'll have a splendid view towards the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Alhambra.



Viktoria in Generalife Garden Alhambra


And Alhambra, wow, where should I begin? It's listed on UNESCOS World Heritage site and it's truly an amazing fortress.
Alhambra is currently the only preserved palatine city of the Islamic period. It constitutes the best example of Nasrid art in its architecture and decorative aspects. The Generalife Garden and its vegetable farms represent one of the few medieval areas of agricultural productivity. These palaces were made possible by the existing irrigation engineering in Al-Ándalus, well established in the Alhambra and Generalife with technological elements known and studied by archaeologists. This constituted a real urban system integrating architecture and landscape, and extending its influence in the surrounding area with gardens and unique hydraulic infrastructures.


View From Alhambra

The whole visit was breathtaking, and you should take the time to be there for at least a few hours. I was there for nine hours and I could have stayed there twice the time.

It is absolutely magnificent and I would recommend you to visit Plaza San Nicolas AlbaicΓ­n, Sacramento and Ermita de San Miguel Alto the day before you visit Alhambra, for the mesmerizing surroundings around Alhambra castle and the panoramic view. There's a very nice restaurant up there, where you'll have the best view over Alhambra by night. But this I will cover in another blog post.

I've lost a Samsung Galaxy 9 plus, where I had so beautiful captions of Alhambra by night... So this last photo will have to do unfortunately.

Alhambra By Night San Nicolas side

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