Audi R8 and TT farewell – say hello to the hybrid generation era

Audi R8



From the age of 16 to 20 I was exclusively driving Audi. My first absolute favorite car brand was Audi due to the genuine joy and happiness it was to drive them, like Audi Allroad, RS6, S5 cab,Q-series.
Absolutely loved them. Easy to maneuver, fun to drive and the power of Audi cars is amazing. I remember that I loved to feel so tiny in my father's cars but yet so big on the road haha. I don't know any other brand that have that outstandingly good standard audio system in their cars, you don't even have to choose the extra audio system to get the best out of it. But of course, the Bang & Olufsen audio system is great!

I'm hearing the news that Audi will continue on the E-cars and hybrids, presenting at least 20 new hybrid cars by the year 2025, which means there is some models that will have to go, among them is the R8 and TT. Sad news for a car lover like me, but looking forward to see what the future will bring with these hybrid models and the car industry overall.

It's the CEO , Bram Schot who revealed that there will be no new generation of the sportsmodel TT when presenting the future model program at the headquarters in Neckarslum.


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