Fishing, picking chantarelles and exquisite dinner

Good afternoon people! Two days in a row me, dad and Wilma have went out early in the morning to lift the fishing nets. How many fishes we’ve got? Zero.We threw back three tiny halibuts but that’s it. It was indeed better before, when we used to get at least five to ten pike perch’s […]

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Swedish Zenuity focusing on developing software for self driving vehicles

Zenuity is a Swedish company that comes from a cooperation of Volvo Personvagnar and Autoliv 2017. Initially they are focusing on passenger vehicles but they are convinced that their technology over time will impact other forms of transport. Now that Goldman Sachs lowered the Tesla stock with 21 procent other companies will get a chance […]

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Mercedes-Benz E220D AMG Line – driving to Spain

  To be honest, I like the Mercedes-Benz E220D AMG Line more than the E300 AMG Line, the dashboard are practically the same, but since I’m so petite I think I like it more for the reason that it’s bigger.More space, in the back at least.The dual 12.3 inch widescreen displays, looks like just one […]

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Range Rover Evoque driver stole a lamb this night

  First of all, I love cars. My favorites that I have had or driven is Jaguar F-Pace, Jaguar XF, Porsche Macan S, Porsche Carrera 4s, Mercedes Benz E220 D AMG Line, Mercedes Benz E300 AMG Line, Audi Allroad, Audi A5 convertible etc etc. Range Rover is impeccable, but Range Rover Evoque might be the […]

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Marcus Eriksson comes at second place in Detroit!

What a messy race, but Marcus Eriksson (who jumped from Formel 1 to IndyCar) was able to take a place at the podium for the fist time in his career! Big congratulations to the second place Marcus and Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports! And congratulations to the winner, Scott Dixon who’s racing for Chip Ganassi Racing! […]

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Audi R8 and TT farewell – say hello to the hybrid generation era

    From the age of 16 to 20 I was exclusively driving Audi. My first absolute favorite car brand was Audi due to the genuine joy and happiness it was to drive them, like Audi Allroad, RS6, S5 cab,Q-series.Absolutely loved them. Easy to maneuver, fun to drive and the power of Audi cars is […]

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2019 Monaco Grand Prix

  So, congratulations Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes to an amazing race! And RIP Niki Lauda, what an extraordinary driver and man!I remember getting all teared up watching mr Laudas acceptance speech at the Laureus Awards in 2016. Gosh, I would have loved to be there in Monaco last week – my family and me always […]

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Mercedes-Benz E300 AMG line

        As long as I can remember I have had a great passion and interest in cars, motor sports.. The great sense of feeling the freedom it gives one to accelerate on a deserted road, or on the highway, is a really nice feeling. To hear how the engine works, how the […]

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