A day at the beach in Martil

  It’s a lovely day to be at the beach! The beaches in the north of Morocco is absolutely astonishing! They are miles wide long, and in the winter months they are practically empty. In a few days they will be crowded, and with crowded means laying there like a sardine with one million other […]

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A trip to the capital of Morocco – Rabat

  During my year here in Morocco I’ve been to Rabat a few times on meetings. Rabat is the capital of Morocco and it’s quiet interesting to visit the cities here, because from my opinion every city has its own touch. It’s so clean and tidy in Rabat, and the presence of the military and […]

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Alhambra, Granada Spain

    A couple of days ago I was scrolling through my 17.000 photos in my camera roll and I saw these photos I took during a trip to Granada, Spain. It’s such a beautiful city, so green, so cold winds in the middle of the summer due to the mountains but at the same […]

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