Dinner at Långbro värdshus and chilling on the jetty

Wilma reading the newspaper

Good morning world!

Yesterday my dear friend Catharina came to the summer house, we jumped into the water with Wilma and then we just chilled at the jetty. Such a hot day! To lunch we had some homemade pie á la my mother. Delicious!

Porsche Macan S

In the afternoon I went home to the city, took a shower and got dressed for the traditional dinner with my family at Fredrik Eriksson's restaurant, Långbro värdshus.


Dinner outfit

Outfit to the dinner, very casual: Gant-dress, Gucci loafers, Hermes Birkin bag and Marc Jacobs sunglasses.

Raspberry mojito

Grilled beef

Grilled beef

Grillad röding

We ate at Långbro Ute, which is at the outside of the main restaurant. Great service as usual and fantastic food for a good price!
I had the grilled char to main course.

Långbro Ute

The desserts was amazing, all three of them!

White chocolate mousse


Carrot cake

Crème brûlée

A perfect day yesterday! And I'm really looking forward to this day too

Have you ever been to Långbro värdshus? If so, what was your experience? Let me know in the comments below

Wishing you a lovely day!


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