Fishing, picking chantarelles and exquisite dinner

Lifting the nets

Good afternoon people!

Two days in a row me, dad and Wilma have went out early in the morning to lift the fishing nets. How many fishes we've got? Zero.
We threw back three tiny halibuts but that's it. It was indeed better before, when we used to get at least five to ten pike perch's each time.


This morning my brother joined us, but still no luck at all.
Praying that we will get something tomorrow…!

The chantarelle hunt went as the fishing, as I mentioned yesterday. Here's some photos:

Chantarelle hunting outfit


Yesterday I borrowed dads car and went to Mariefred to meet a friend over a lunch, it was so nice to see him again!

Porsche Macan S

I had the pastasalad with tuna. My parents have been complaining on my fashion style... "You look like an old lady, you need to step up the game"... Haha. So I wore my Gucci dress and tried to "step it up" together withaΒ  pair of Gucci ballerinas.

Outfit of the day

I will post photos of the dinner from yesterday in another post!

Hope you all are having a great summer


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