Golfing and charity for cancer, Greek inspired food and rain in Sweden

At our summer house

Good evening!

Hope everyone that's reading this have had a great week so far

This Tuesday my brother, father and my uncle were playing in a charity golf competition at Kallfors GK, it went very good so that was a great warm up for this weekends golf tournament at LidingΓΆ GK.

Me, my mother and Wilma Went out for a long walk in the forest, and oh my goodness how I have missed that certain forest scent, and fresh air. Found some chantarelles too, so it was a great walk.


Every year my family picks out a cow from the local farmer near our summer house, and by that way they will have hundreds of kilo meat for all the year. Locally produced

Greek beef cake

So we took out some meat from the freezer and my father made some delicious Greek inspired meat cakes, oven roasted potatoes, Greek salad and tzatsiki. So yummie!

Greek salad


And for dessert we had vanilla ice cream topped with blueberries and raspberries, so simple yet so delicious!

Ice cream

And, of course, since we are in Sweden, it cannot be sunny and warm for more than a few days, so yesterday it was pouring down.
Glad to have my Stutterheim raincoat!


We've been kind of busy decorating a new apartment these last days, and we're almost done. So fun! Amazing view.
Celebrating it together with my brother, with some sushi.

Which sushi restaurant is your favorite one? Mine is located at Observatoriegatan, Ki-Mama. Best gyoza in Sweden!


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