Handigolf tour at Lidingö GK

Wille's birdie


Hi everyone!

Just arrived to the summer house after a great weekend at Lidingö GK.
Lovely course I must say. Really beautiful and well-managed.

Wille Saturday

Friday was amazing, we had company with the family Löfgren and I enjoyed that day so much.
Yesterday didn't went that great but I really really admire my brother for keeping his head and mind cool. It so many impressions from outside, and the pressure from having us around whilst playing.


Budda and Wille

All the people in the Handigolf I admire so much, due to the fact that they have some disability whether it's physical or mentally.
And they are so supportive to each other. However, it made me furious today and so sad to hear a girls comment about the ball that went ahead of her. Everyone in the Handigolf, as I've said, have some sort of disability, and many of them if not all have during their lifetime been nagged on, picked on or bullied even (because of their disabilities). So to hear one of them, bully two others, made me so disappointed. Especially when she appearently has been bullied before, so she of anyone should know how it feels like.
The leaders and her family members around chose not to confront her and that is also very sad, or perhaps they just didn't hear even though one of them answered her even…. In life in general, even though you might become a millionaire or famous or successful, please don't forget to stay humble and polite towards your fellow human beings. Be kind to one and another.

But regards from that incident, this weekend has been absolutely awesome! Lovely people and lovely golf course. A big thank you to Thomas W for a great Sunday! Hope to see you again.


Wille caddie Anders and Thomas

I have a video from when Wille made a birdie, but I will upload that to Instagram and Facebook instead.

Wille and Ulla

Wille swing

I am so so proud over you Wille, and I'm so impressed by you and your friends at the Handigolf.

Are you a golfer? Which golf course is your favorite? Or do you thinking about to start?

Have a pleasant evening people!


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