Homemade pizza with chantarelles á la daddy Anders T-bone, mamis fantastic strawberry cake and dinner with the girls

Daddys homemade pizza with chantarelles

Good afternoon everyone!

This Wednesday me, dad and Wilma went out in the forest to empty it on chantarelles. Haha, no luck at all, we found like 21 chantarelles totally. Extremely disappointed since my father had found a lot more the day before. But it was enough for my father to garnish his homemade pizza for four persons. Exquisite! So tasty, and he served it with a nice salad.

The best ladies

In the evening I went to Stockholm with the best girls I know. I'm saying 'girls' since it sounds better in my ears than women (yes I'm in my middle age crisis!) We ate dinner at Fafa's and then we headed over to Hard Rock Café for some alcohol free drinks. Talked about life in general and upcoming weddings in plural.

It was so nice so see them again, these girls are amazing. I cannot describe in words how much they mean to me.

Daddys chantarelle toast with Västerbottenost

Yesterday me and my family was supposed to take the daycruiser to Trosa, eating dinner at Bomans but my brother got his migraine so we stayed home and had a cosy evening together. He recovered quite fast so we all got to spend a wonderful sunny evening at our summer house.

Chantarelle toast

For starter the master chef (dad) made an absolutely well-tasting toast of chantarelles fried in butter and then he mixed them with some creme fraiche, parsley, white pepper and Västerbottenost. WOW. The best toast of chantarelles I've ever had.

Daddys pasta

For main course we had pasta with the magical tomato sauce that my father made and for the dessert my mother made her delicious strawberry cake with vanilla sauce. Also WOW. I am really blessed

Mamis strawberry cake

Mamis fantastic strawberry cake

Do you like chantarelles? Do you have any recipe to share perhaps?

Have a great evening!


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