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As long as I can remember I have had a great passion and interest in cars, motor sports.. The great sense of feeling the freedom it gives one to accelerate on a deserted road, or on the highway, is a really nice feeling. To hear how the engine works, how the torque feels.. Yummie, but it's not just about the speed, but I highly appreciate cruising along the roads, listening to the music I feel for the day and taking in the nature and the environment around me. My latest car is a Mercedes E300 AMG line, with 245 horsepower, a great car that I have had a lot of fun with. Year of manufacture 2017, 0 rolled miles when I picked it out in March 2018. If I remember right the price was 741,000 SEK. CoupΓ© cars have never been something I have preferred, but I fell in love with her from the first moment I saw her.

I had the widescreen 12 inch screen and the Burmester sound system that was not to be played with. Fully equipped, the panoramic roof was incredibly beautiful with its tinted glass (far away you didn't even see that it was a panoramic roof). I have always had a hard time sitting next to someone else driving, always have been prefering to drive by myself, and therefore it took a long time before I started to use the features that this amazing car has: ie the distance assistant DISTRONIC system makes it possible for the car to keep track of cruise control and follow the cars in front, the active brake assistant registers the traffic in intersections, the local area and slows down automatically in a surprisingly safe way forΒ  other cars and pedestrians. The steering assistant which makes weighing maneuvers. The course assistant together with the death-assistant assistant makes me feel really confident that I keep myself inside my file. The Keyless-Go option means that I only need to have the key on me, so the car automatically feel it and I can quickly and smoothly open the car without the need to search in the handbag or my pockets after the keys. I can also start and lock the car with this function. Since the beginning of the times, I have been really good at pocket parking, both to the right and to the left, thank you dad, so the function the parking assistant wasn't something I tried until after a few months. I don't feel a need for it, but this is a very good way for those who do not feel confident in parking and pocket parking, as the car with its 360-degree cameras parks the car completely on its own, in the most crowded and seemingly impossible conditions.
The three touchpads is a really great feature that allows you to so easily navigate through the multimedia system.



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Extreme driving pleasure with this beauty! During my time in Sweden I probably drove about 2000 km per week, and it is the most comfortable car I've had and driven so far. Driving in the winter is my favorite, to drive and operating the car in a fun but safe way far away from other cars, it's something really extra fun. There are a lot of lovely and good places through our elongated country where you can have your great fun with the car. Obviously I have crashed in my days, the first five years I crashed a lot of cars, thank God it was only single accidents and that I didn't get severely hurt and cars are at the end of the day just something material.

I have done well from injuries, until the day when an 18-year-old girl crashed right into me from behind. Since that day I have pain in my neck, but at least I'm alive and I am grateful for that. The majority of my crashes have been due to a little too high speed in combination with reindeers which we have a lot of in Sweden. One should keep in mind, that every 15 seconds on Swedish roads we pass something wild, how many of these do we see? As I mentioned above, the accidents happened when I was a beginner to operate, but that's how you learn I assume.

When I was younger, and yes sometimes still, I thought speed was the sh * t! That's not the case anymore, however, I should not deny that at some point it can be fun to speed and feel the power from the engines, but this happens extremely rarely today. Nowadays, I appreciate more to just cruise.




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