OOTD Todays outfit, Gucci and the international sushi day

Todays outfit dress Gucci belt and Gucci loafers

Hi everyone!

Since it was the international sushi day yesterday I just had to visit my favorite sushi restaurant here. Excellent service, fantastic food! El Faro restaurant, if you ever visit Martil I strongly recommend you to go there!

I had some starter and then 24 pieces at first but then I had 5 more, so 29 pieces of sushi. Yum!

Sushi plate

By the way, I think I might be the only Asian who cannot eat with chopsticks....!

The whole dinner was a business meeting, where we discussed products and services that I would like to try to implement here in the finance system.

The outfit were a dress that I don't think was too expensive, one of the most cheap one actually, and Gucci loafers and Gucci belt.

This evening we've had a meeting with my friend from the government among others, and I guess it was because of his presence I'd got a 'yes' today. Finally!!

I was thinking about it for some days ago, I'm really happy with the weather here. The climate is perfect. During the days it's so hot, just how I like it (around +27- +35 Celsius) but during the nights it's pretty cold. Perfect. So you can easily wear a suit or jeans and a blazer or jacket during the evening without dying of warmth.

Did you have sushi on the international sushi day?

Have a great evening friends!



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