2019 Monaco Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton Monaco Grand Prix 2019

  So, congratulations Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes to an amazing race! And RIP Niki Lauda, what an extraordinary driver and man!I remember getting all teared up watching mr Laudas acceptance speech at the Laureus Awards in 2016. Gosh, I would have loved to be there in Monaco last week – my family and me always […]

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Recipe of the week: Moroccan Harira Soup

Moroccan Harira Soup

  Good evening everyone! This dish is amazingly well-tasting I must say, and I prefer to make a lot of it so that I can have at least 2-3 bowls during the dinner. Harira soup, was something I had already before I came to Morocco, at a Moroccan restaurant located in Alicante. I fell in […]

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The girl who deceived death two times in four months

Rescue dog

        No, I’m not talking about me, even though I’ve done that too, no the girl I’m talking about is he sister of my two dogs (Labbe and Doris), Lilla Strumpan (in swedish it means Little socks). I fell in love with a beautiful dog I started to call Lilla hunden (Little […]

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Recipe of the Week: Moroccan Bessara

Moroccan Bessara

    Good afternoon friends! Okay, so this might come like a shock for those of you who knows me, but yeah, I have been starting to learn how to cook…! My entire life I have been fortunate enough to eat my parents divine tasting food, or at my family’s hotels or at restaurants. Every […]

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