OOTD Todays outfit, Gucci and the international sushi day

OOTD Dress Gucci loafers and belt

Hi everyone! Since it was the international sushi day yesterday I just had to visit my favorite sushi restaurant here. Excellent service, fantastic food! El Faro restaurant, if you ever visit Martil I strongly recommend you to go there! I had some starter and then 24 pieces at first but then I had 5 more, […]

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Beautiful photos from yesterday

Palm tree in Morocco

According to me, they are (beautiful) at least! The trip went well, but my experience is that depending on which person you ask, you get different answers. So many different answers, doesn’t matter if it’s your friend in the government or a police inspector or whatever. Everyone says different. Even the lawyer says something different. […]

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Mercedes-Benz E220D AMG Line – driving to Spain

Dashboard Mercedes-Benz E220D AMG Line

  To be honest, I like the Mercedes-Benz E220D AMG Line more than the E300 AMG Line, the dashboard are practically the same, but since I’m so petite I think I like it more for the reason that it’s bigger.More space, in the back at least.The dual 12.3 inch widescreen displays, looks like just one […]

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Range Rover Evoque driver stole a lamb this night

Viktoria and Galaxy

  First of all, I love cars. My favorites that I have had or driven is Jaguar F-Pace, Jaguar XF, Porsche Macan S, Porsche Carrera 4s, Mercedes Benz E220 D AMG Line, Mercedes Benz E300 AMG Line, Audi Allroad, Audi A5 convertible etc etc. Range Rover is impeccable, but Range Rover Evoque might be the […]

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