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Work and life

Hi again! Just got home from the beach, and I was a bit tired so I laid down in the sand for like 45 minutes. Just closing my eyes, listening to the sound of the waves, feeling the sun in my face.. First of all, wow how happy I am to be living in a […]

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Louis Vuitton and Gucci shoes bye bye

Hi! Long time no see. These last months has been rough, my energy is running low but I’m looking forward to a very exciting 2020. Woke up a couple a days ago and found one Louis Vuitton shoe, and one Gucci shoe, completely massacred, eaten up by my lovely dogs. Too bad, I liked those […]

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Beautiful photos from yesterday

According to me, they are (beautiful) at least! The trip went well, but my experience is that depending on which person you ask, you get different answers. So many different answers, doesn’t matter if it’s your friend in the government or a police inspector or whatever. Everyone says different. Even the lawyer says something different. […]

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Life quality at it’s best

        I don’t think I’ve been happier than I am right now, happy because the sun is shining almost every day. It’s hot, but not too hot.I’m working like a maniac, and we’re following the business plan to the utmost, slowly slowly is usually not my cup of tea because I want […]

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Life in Morocco

  I’ve got a lot of questions from friends about how it is to live here, so I was thinking I could write some here. The climate is great, during the summer it’s between +30 to +40 Celsius and during the winter (October to April) it can vary from +5 to +20 Celsius. However, +20 […]

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