Living in Morocco

Work and life

Hi again! Just got home from the beach, and I was a bit tired so I laid down in the sand for like 45 minutes. Just closing my eyes, listening to the sound of the waves, feeling the sun in my face.. First of all, wow how happy I am to be living in a […]

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A day at the beach in Martil

  It’s a lovely day to be at the beach! The beaches in the north of Morocco is absolutely astonishing! They are miles wide long, and in the winter months they are practically empty. In a few days they will be crowded, and with crowded means laying there like a sardine with one million other […]

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This afternoon we’re herding the sheeps

  Just outside the house we have so many sheeps, some cows and chickens and a fantastic view over the mountains. Couldn’t feel more blessed, it’s such a contrast to all the traveling and working, so to be able to have this right outside it’s truly a blessing.I think that this helps me a lot, […]

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Life in Morocco

  I’ve got a lot of questions from friends about how it is to live here, so I was thinking I could write some here. The climate is great, during the summer it’s between +30 to +40 Celsius and during the winter (October to April) it can vary from +5 to +20 Celsius. However, +20 […]

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