Vegetarian paella, decorating an apartment, chantarelle hunting and Nomayo cocktails

Nomayo drinks

Hi everyone!

Typical Swedish summer, going from warm to cold, from sunny to rainy.

Lately we've been decorating an apartment, so beautiful and with a wonderful view. So exciting! I may have mentioned this before though..
So we went from the summer house, in to the city for some couple of days, and now we're back to the summer house. I wanted to put the fishing nets in the sea again as soon as we came out, my father was not that hopeful at all but this morning we indeed got fish. One fish only though, but one is better than nothing.

Louis Vuitton ballerina in the forest

Yesterday when me and my brother were on our way out here, my mother called and ordered us to stop the car and jump out in the forest to get some chantarelles for her so that she could use them to do a starter for dinner. Well, if your mother asks you to do something, you don't argue. Whether you are dressed for the forest or not.


We didn't find a single chantarelle, but when my mother and father joined us we successfully did find some few.


All of you who knows my family, knows how talented my parents are in cooking. So I'm so thankful during these weeks with them, to be served with delicious and exquisite lunch's, dinners and desserts. Every day.

Paella in the making

A couple of days ago my father made vegetarian paella on the murikka. It was so tasty! Yummie for my tummie.

Paella in the making

Paella in the making



So we have had some days where it's been really cold, rainy and yeah, just a typical Swedish summer-weather. But today it's warm, sunny and really nice so I'm heading down to the jetty!

Oh, almost forgot! The recipe for the Nomayo drinks (with my own twist):
40 ml gin
25 ml elderflower lemonade (should be St Germain)
20 ml Aperol
15 l lemon juice
Prosecco or champagne
Mix everything except the Prosecco firmly together with ice. Pour it up in a cocktailglass. Top it up with the Prosecco and garnish with an orange peel or lemon peel.

What are you doing today? Relaxing at the jetty or by the beach perhaps?

Have a great afternoon people!


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