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Hi again!

Viktoria on the beach

Just got home from the beach, and I was a bit tired so I laid down in the sand for like 45 minutes. Just closing my eyes, listening to the sound of the waves, feeling the sun in my face..

First of all, wow how happy I am to be living in a country where I in the end of October still can go down to the beach and enjoy the warmth and the sun. I'm reading most of the Swedish newspapers and trying to keep up with all what's going on at home, but to be honest, being here has really given me some perspective. Every day I'm discussing this with a business partner and one of my closest friends, how the development in Sweden is just getting worse and worse.. It's really not fun to read the news, and I feel sad and stated.. Hopefully things will get better at home. One day, I'm sure.

Beach photo

What a year this have been. Arriving here and instantly get success in business plans and expanding the business network.
I love that with this country, if you're an investor they are really willing to assist you as much as possible, and the support and help and advices I've got is invaluable and highly appreciated. So thankful to our family member-like and close friend in the government.
Anyhow, the plan was to build up hotels, but for the government to go in and finance we're lacking €5 million.
So, in order to be able to go forward, we're doing other things meanwhile. And with my good friend and business partner in Poland, I have an invaluable asset. Of course business wise but foremost personally. He's amazing and I really appreciate him.

Beach photo

I must say, if you're sitting there, reading this, and have dreams or thinking about going abroad for a while, do it!
There is so many countries where you can have more sun hours than it is in Sweden for example, great food, you're getting to meet new people, perhaps you can take your work/business with you, or if you just want to resign from your work and go out on an adventure, do it! Life is way too precious to be living a life where you constantly thinking about "what if...."
And if you want to come to Morocco, come! I'll help you with whatever you need.Β  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.

It's a lot of Swedes here, especially in my neighborhood. On this street there are seven Swedish families and one Norwegian (whom you will be able to see on Swedish television soon).

Of course however, I've been thinking about going back home, I have, but I'm stubborn as hell. But I miss the ones I love. Family, friends.. And for a couple of years now, I haven't been talking to a very special person, who'd changed my life. Literally.
Thinking about that friend, and there is so much I would like to say. That person is younger than me, but was more mature.. Anyway...!

Viktoria in Tangier

I love horses, and I have been noticing that we have a stable just a few houses from here. So one day I went there, and introduced myself. It turns out that it's the Moroccan polices horses. So one of the policemen asked me if I wanted to ride one of the horses, and of course I wanted to, so I did. So happy, it was a while ago. So the day after I decided to bake some Swedish raspberry caves to them.
I went there, and handed them over. I have started to walk alone without my so called body guard, occasionally from time to time, so whenever they see me walking alone I often got accompanied by riding polices. Great!

Speaking about walking alone at the beach.... Hahaha, my middle name is among many 'clumpsy'. So, I'll tell you next time what happened a couple of days ago... But you know that feeling when you just want to be invisible or dig a hole to China and disappear?`Yeah, one of those moments.

Have a great evening!


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