Beautiful photos from yesterday

Palm tree in Morocco

According to me, they are (beautiful) at least! The trip went well, but my experience is that depending on which person you ask, you get different answers. So many different answers, doesn't matter if it's your friend in the government or a police inspector or whatever. Everyone says different. Even the lawyer says something different. So how will you know what's correct or not? Good question..

Anyhow! I stopped outside Ceuta*, and took these photos. It's very beautiful, long beach, definitely not as crowded (yet) as in Martil.

Outside Ceuta beach walk


*Regarding Ceuta, I'll get back to that area in another post.

Outside Ceuta beach walk 2



The people living at this site, has an enormously long beach walk, perfect if you like to work out! Too bad I'm not there yet, to begin working out again..

Outside Ceuta beach walk 3

Have you been to Ceuta or heard about it? What is your impression of it?

Have a lovely afternoon everyone!


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