Brilliant Minds in Sweden – wish I was home

Pink sunset Morocco

A beautiful pink sunset today in Morocco! The soil is sold as I think I've mentioned in an Instagram-post, and here they will build up a lot of edifices, building up a whole new neighborhood.

Wish that I would have been home in Sweden right now, perhaps I would have caught a glimpse of Mr Obama. How cool? I really like him.
I think it's great that Brilliant Minds hosting this event, Sweden needs it.

Well, today has been a busy day, I wish there was 10 more hours of the day - 7 days a week. Work, meetings, searching after a house (yes, all of a sudden I want to move from this wonderful place to an even more wonderful country side place)

I've stumbled upon some obstacles, regarding some documents that I have to provide to an authority here. I have all the requested documents, but in Sweden as you might know, we don't get a birth certificate issued - instead we have something called Personbevis. Anyhow, a judge have refused to accept this, even though I have shown what our Skatteverket has written in their website regarding international requests of birth certificate. Today, I was speaking to a very close friend of mine, working in the government here, about this problem. I wanted to solve this by myself from the beginning, without getting contacts and friends involved, but hopefully we can sort this out and make some progress in this now.

When I took a stroll in the local Carrefour earlier, I saw this amazing bakery. High heels filled with macrons.
See photo below


High heels

What do you think about Brilliant Minds? Who is your favorite speaker?
Mine is, except from Mr Barack Obama, Joel Kinnaman - not just because he's a great actor and fights for the climate (Blue Bucket anyone?), because he is a "Bajare" too

Have a splendid evening everyone!

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