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Viktoria on the beach in Morocco


I've got a lot of questions from friends about how it is to live here, so I was thinking I could write some here.

The climate is great, during the summer it's between +30 to +40 Celsius and during the winter (October to April) it can vary from +5 to +20 Celsius. However, +20 Celsius here is nothing at all as the Swedish +20 Celsius. It's freezing cold I must say! You'll see the local people here wearing Canada Goose jackets for sure.


View from my home

The food is really tasty here, it's amazing how much you appreciate a simple tomato, because you have definitely get too used to the tomatoes we have in Sweden for example.. Here you will get a reminder of HOW vegetables should really taste. I would say that the most common thing to eat here is chicken tajin (like chicken stew) or lamb tajin (lamb stew) and here they have a lot of spices that we don't have at home.
I really love food, so moving here and discovering that the Moroccan kitchen is superb was a great surprise for me

I'm Christian, living in a majority Muslim country and there has been no problems at all - on the contrary, people are very generous, kind and respectful here. Didn't know what to expect upon my arrival but I'm positively surprised.
I do not wear any thing to cover my hair, but I'm trying to show respect to the Moroccans and I'm fully aware of what's not okay and what is.


Viktoria and Galaxy


I'm living my life how I want, but I am, as you should do in every foreign country you visit - showing respect to the country, it's people and culture.

When we first came here we were given a three floor penthouse of 750 square meters in my husbands to be's fathers estate in Tangier. With three big roof terraces 40 square meters each we had the first row view of the city's main street, where all these Mercedes AMG, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti etc were driving 24/7, Monday to Monday. Amazing to see how bad so many of them drove, every hour there was an accident. I would say that Tangier is like New York City, it never sleeps. It was never quiet.

However, today I'm so happy, living a bit more countryside, near to the cattle on the farms, the nature, the beautiful mountains, the beach.. I may have been living on VΓ€sterlΓ₯nggatan in Gamla stan, Stockholm, but I am really not a city kind of girl. I will always prefer the calmness and the joy it brings to me by living countryside. I love to go to NYC though, have spent the majority of my birthdays there with my family, but after ten days there I'm so happy to go back home.

Do you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me! Have you been to Morocco? Where did you go if so? I would love to hear your experience of it!

In the featured picture I'm wearing a black bathing suit, bought in Elche, Spain, Marc Jacobs sunglasses and my Rolex Datejust II Oyster Perpetual


Viktoria and Galaxy the lamb

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