Life quality at it’s best



Viktoria at the beach



I don't think I've been happier than I am right now, happy because the sun is shining almost every day. It's hot, but not too hot.
I'm working like a maniac, and we're following the business plan to the utmost, slowly slowly is usually not my cup of tea because I want to see progress like yesterday. But I've learned from the past and mistakes.
I'm happy because even though I work so much, I still take the time (and also have so much more energy) to take some breaks.

Like short breaks at the beach. It's priceless. And to have the animals and nature just outside the door.

Earlier in my days I was kind of, everything is black or white, there's nothing in between. But I am convinced that it's good to have a balance in life, no matter what you do. And there is where I am, balancing my way through all the planned steps and goals.



Riding at the beach



What is life quality for you? Would love to hear what makes you happy! =)

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