Louis Vuitton and Gucci shoes bye bye

Hi! Long time no see. These last months has been rough, my energy is running low but I'm looking forward to a very exciting 2020.

Woke up a couple a days ago and found one Louis Vuitton shoe, and one Gucci shoe, completely massacred, eaten up by my lovely dogs. Too bad, I liked those shoes but it's only material things.
Cannot help to think the dogs are cute though. I bet they had a great time chewing on the shoes.
Lesson learned! I'll never have my shoes on the floor again.


At the moment it's 29+ Celsius, and the end of September and the beginning of this month has started good. I've been heading to the beach every day, anything else is outrageous since I live 5 minutes walk from the milesvide beach, just 1-2 hours a day but it helps a lot when you have a lot going on.

I went to the doctor in the end of the summer, and they thought I might have a tumor in my lung. And that's the main reason my energy got low, I've been worrying a lot, thinking that 'it's so typical, after everything I've been through and experienced in my life, I'll die because of a tumor.'

Anyway, things are slowly getting sorted out, both personal and workwise, and even though I miss the people I love the most back home in Sweden, I cannot be more grateful for being here.

Wishing you all a splendid day!


Viktoria on the beach

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