Vegetarian paella, decorating an apartment, chantarelle hunting and Nomayo cocktails

Porsche Macan S

Hi everyone! Typical Swedish summer, going from warm to cold, from sunny to rainy. Lately we’ve been decorating an apartment, so beautiful and with a wonderful view. So exciting! I may have mentioned this before though..So we went from the summer house, in to the city for some couple of days, and now we’re back […]

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Golfing and charity for cancer, Greek inspired food and rain in Sweden

At our summer house

Good evening! Hope everyone that’s reading this have had a great week so far This Tuesday my brother, father and my uncle were playing in a charity golf competition at Kallfors GK, it went very good so that was a great warm up for this weekends golf tournament at Lidingö GK. Me, my mother and […]

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A wonderful day in the Swedish archipelago on the daycruiser

Todays outfit OOTD

Good morning everyone! Thanks for stopping by and thank you for the lovely messages I have received on social media!   I’m so happy to be home in Sweden, and on top of that having vacation. Have not been working at all except from some business calls but that’s about it. Wow, didn’t almost remember […]

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Fishing, picking chantarelles and exquisite dinner

Lifting the nets

Good afternoon people! Two days in a row me, dad and Wilma have went out early in the morning to lift the fishing nets. How many fishes we’ve got? Zero.We threw back three tiny halibuts but that’s it. It was indeed better before, when we used to get at least five to ten pike perch’s […]

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