Homemade pizza with chantarelles á la daddy Anders T-bone, mamis fantastic strawberry cake and dinner with the girls

Daddys homemade pizza with chantarelles

Good afternoon everyone! This Wednesday me, dad and Wilma went out in the forest to empty it on chantarelles. Haha, no luck at all, we found like 21 chantarelles totally. Extremely disappointed since my father had found a lot more the day before. But it was enough for my father to garnish his homemade pizza […]

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Recipe of the week: mom’s red currant and lime muffins

Red currant and lime muffins

Hi everyone! A few days ago me and my mother made some red currant muffins, so I was thinking to share her recipe her. Ingredients: (12 muffins)30 minutes 100 gram melted butter2 dl milk2 limes, only the zest2 eggs1 ½ dl caster sugar1 tsp vanilla powder4 dl flour2 tsp baking powderA pitch of salt Filling:2 […]

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The Swedish archipelago – A lovely weekend at our summer house

Kalk Palais 2007

Hi everyone! Have not been so much online these last days since I’m really really enjoying my time here with my family.This weekend I went to our summer house in the archipelago which is located one hour drive from Stockholm.We share an island with my wonderful uncle and his family and one of Sweden’s best […]

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Spain, Morocco, Portugal and Sweden

Summerdress Hermes Gucci

Hi everyone! It’s been a while, been too busy with the business, traveling  and on top of that we’ve moved so now we’re residing in an area that’s like Moroccos own Djursholm. The king of Morocco has his summer Palace not too far away and we have an outstanding golf course just around the corner […]

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