Spain, Morocco, Portugal and Sweden

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Hi everyone! It's been a while, been too busy with the business, travelingΒ  and on top of that we've moved so now we're residing in an area that's like Moroccos own Djursholm. The king of Morocco has his summer Palace not too far away and we have an outstanding golf course just around the corner and the beach is 5 minutes away by foot.

I miss the sheeps and the other animals but overall the new place is much much better, for everyone.

I've been to Spain, leaving the Mercedes there and taking home another one since I can only have a foreign car during 12 months inside Morocco in my name. This last 18 months I haven't traveled as much as I usuallyΒ  do, but as soon as I starts to travel again I'm able to grow the business, connect with other businessowners and entrepreneurs and that's exactly what's happened these only last two weeks. Exciting times! An agreement is settled with Spain, so the import and export business will be great. I hope so at least. I will do my best and work my *ss off.

When it comes to car workshops in Morocco, I have noticed that the machinery often is not that good as we are used to, so we've made an agreement with some workshops to import high qualitative machines.

Two days ago I flew to Lissbon, Portugal and I had such a great time there efobre I flew home to Stockholm, Sweden.
I have been longing after my parents food, the best chefs I know. I've been to a lot of Michelin restaurants, and other great restaurants, but my parents cooking is outstandingly good, no kidding. I've been more than blessed, to have my family.
Looking forward to just spend time with family and friends, at our summer house in the Swedish archipelago and also in the city.
Eating great food, enjoying my spare time since I will try not to work. Just relaxing.

Hope you all will have a wonderful summer! Do you have any plans? Trips? Where to?


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