The girl who deceived death two times in four months




Rescue dog


No, I'm not talking about me, even though I've done that too, no the girl I'm talking about is he sister of my two dogs (Labbe and Doris), Lilla Strumpan (in swedish it means Little socks). I fell in love with a beautiful dog I started to call Lilla hunden (Little dog) approximately 8-9 months ago, a Danish-Swedish farmdog, which had been abandoned by her owner, a man who lives in Europe but was here on a long stay vacation. Every day I saw her sitting outside the complex where she had been staying with her owner, just waiting so loyal on him to come back. My heart broke every time I saw her. So I started to give her food and water. The most gentle and nice dog, but yet so abandoned. One day the people in that neighborhood said that "do you know that she's pregnant?" My thought was 'oh my, how are we gonna manage this now?' But I still kept giving her food. The father to the puppies was a stray dog, he was also so kind, and just longing to be loved. One day the police enforcement came to the address, and they shot the father, right in front of children and neighbors.. I felt such a strong need to protect the mother, Little dog, even more but at that time I really couldn't take her home.

So this day comes, when she all of a sudden has nine puppies, two was dead at birth. Seven wonderful puppies. Two of them were taken by some neighbors and me I took care of Labbe and Doris when they were two months old. Left were these three wonderful puppies, with their mother, Little dog. Every day we kept on providing her and the puppies with food, trying our absolute best to give them love and protection. But one day when I was going to them as usual, some children came rushing towards me, telling me that one of the puppies hat been hit by a car. My heart was going so fast, I rushed to her, finding her severely injured, I could see that her leg was broken and they thought that the car had went over her whole body. Okey... Inner bleeding, broken leg.. My God. No time to think, I took her and rushed to the car, at the same time ZΓ€ta was trying to find the number to any possible veterinary in the area or wherever. There were no veterinary nor polices that wanted to help us, due to the fact that the puppy, Little socks, was a stray dog. We were desperate and started to discuss whether we should finish her suffering by ourselves, or just let her back to her mother, letting her be with her family the probably last remaining hours of her life. None of us had the heart, courage or guts to end her life, so we put her back with her mother. I prayed to God that she wasn't feeling any pain, and that she would recover by some miraculous way. Every day we continued to go there with food and water, every day we said 'goodbye' to Little socks, convinced that she wouldn't make it one more day.


Little socks on her way to veterinary


Days went by, weeks went by, and Little socks survived. After three months more, the day came when the neighbors approached us telling me that Little dog, the mother, and her puppies, had been shot and killed the night before. I was devastated. I really loves animals, all animals are so innocent in my opinion, and every animal should be able to live in peace and harmony, with a lot of love but.. I was so heartbroken, I felt anger and hate towards the polices, frustration and shame. Shame because I did never rescue the Little dog and the other puppies, shame over that I did never took them home, where they could have been so safe and got so much love.
Only puppy had survived though, that puppy did not get shot. It was Little socks.

Now more than ever I feel even more responsibility towards Little socks, I take Doris and Labbe to her three times per day with food, and every time we're heading home, Little socks standing there, just looking at us like 'why do you leave me, please let me follow you home'. I know what I should do.. But there is a lot of buts..

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