The puppy Little Socks was fed with meat filled with rat poison

So it went a couple a days without me seeing or finding Little Socks. And the people in the neighborhood saw me searching after her so they to told me that someone had given her a lot of meat, filled with rat poison.
I began searching after her, and some of the kids told me they saw her bleeding from her nose and mouth, and that she was in a terrible condition.

My heart started to go so fast, and I was determined to find her. But I went on searching for 1,5 hour without any success. I went back home and working, but I couldn't stop to think about her. All the sh*t that she have went through, and then this! What kind of people do this to innocent animals I wonder? Why?

I went out in the evening, searching everywhere but couldn't find her. I wanted so desperately to find her, whether she was alive or dead.

Another day came, and I said to myself that I wouldn't stop searching until I had found her, and if I did and she was alive, I would take her immediately to the veterinary.
After 2 long hours in +30 Celsius under the roasting sun, I did finally find her. She was barely breathing, couldn't open her mouth, and she had dried blood all over her throat down to her paws.
I cried inside. 'Evil bad people' I thought. Poor Little Socks. 'She's never gonna make it.' What a life she have had so far.. First the car accident, then she survived and escaped that day they shot her mother and brother. And now this...

I tried to poor down milk in her mouth, but in the beginning she refused. She was scared even though she recognized me. She did some few attempts to wave her tail but she was so weak, and in such a terrible condition that its hard to describe in words the scene I had in front of me.

I talked to her, tried to make her feel comfortable and safe. She couldn't walk, she couldn't move. She could hardly breath, and I sat there, crying, watching her what I thought taking her last breaths.

Then, I tried to give her some more milk, even though she didn't want to. I almost forced it down in her throat. And after a while, she had drunken a half liter of milk. I decided to carry her home, didn't care about the sicknesses she might have and all the other possible problems that it could bring.

We called the veterinaries again, but it was Ramadan so none was available. For two days she just lying there, she didn't pee, she didn't poop, she didn't move at all. For two days. But during these two days I forced her to drink, milk and water.

And now.. She's here with us. Where she should have been from the start..

Pray for her please

To be continued.

I have posted an old picture of her, since she looks terrible right now.

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