The Swedish archipelago – A lovely weekend at our summer house

Kalk Palais 2007

Hi everyone!

Have not been so much online these last days since I'm really really enjoying my time here with my family.
This weekend I went to our summer house in the archipelago which is located one hour drive from Stockholm.
We share an island with my wonderful uncle and his family and one of Sweden's best neurosurgeons. Outstanding view, a fantastic jetty that my father constructed all by himself for a couple of years ago. Right at the sea, and with the nature just around the corner of the houses. Love it. I feel so privileged to have had this my whole life, our very own free zone.



On Sunday we went on an afternoon-trip to Oaxen, an island rich of limestone which has been mined since the 19th Century but not anymore. If you have never been there, it's too bad you didn't got the chance to visit the Michelin star awarded restaurant Oaxen skΓ€rgΓ₯rdskrog, but don't worry, the owners have opened a new restaurant, Oaxen Krog & Slip is located at DjurgΓ₯rden, Stockholm.

We took a walk around Oaxen, which is a walk of 2.3 km before we stopped by at the cafΓ© Oaxen BygdegΓ₯rd.
My raspberry and blueberry pie was amazingly tasty! Lots of vanilla sauce.

Oaxen ferry

It is fantastic to be home with my family, really, the only thing that's one the downside is the weather. Seriously, it's so cold I'm wearing fur vest, jeans and jackets. Hopefully it will get warmer soon, so I can try my new Seafolly bikini.

Raspberry and blueberry pie


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