This afternoon we’re herding the sheeps

Viktoria Herd the sheeps


Just outside the house we have so many sheeps, some cows and chickens and a fantastic view over the mountains. Couldn't feel more blessed, it's such a contrast to all the traveling and working, so to be able to have this right outside it's truly a blessing.
I think that this helps me a lot, to be able to work the many hours per day I actually do work, without me getting exhausted.

Animals and nature is for me like therapy!

So today I've been helping our shepherd to herd the sheep, but on the back on Snowflake and Labbe and Doris also helped us (not so much to be honest, they just ran around playing)

In times when you have a lot of stress, how do you handle it trying to get your balance in life?



Herding the sheep

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